Easy and quick

Let us refill your Junea or go for self-service. You decide what fits your company.

Always a full Junea

Restocking the Junea is very easy. You will automatically receive new products when the machine is almost empty. Your employees will then take care of the refill process. Thanks to our user-friendly ‘refill-app’, this only takes several minutes. An efficient system that’s also good for the environment! 

Realtime tracking

Our software sees which products are in stock and predicts the usage of the machine. 

New supply

When your Junea is running empty, a new supply will automatically be delivered by mail. 

Easy refill

Your employee(s) or someone from Junea can refill the machine easily and quickly with the app.


This way, your Junea is always well-stocked and we can constantly optimize its products.

Realtime insights in your customer portal

You can easily manage your Junea via the customer portal. Here, you can track your inventory status in real-time and adjust the prices of the products for your Junea. 

Do you want us
to refill your Junea?

We’ll be happy to do so! For this service we will charge a small fee. This way, you’ll never have to worry about managing your Junea and can simply enjoy its delicious food & drink offerings. 

Energize your company

The Junea doesn’t have to cost your organization anything. Because you can choose to process your monthly expenses in the product price. That's what we call smart pricing. This way, the Junea can pay for itself. 

Want to find out which Junea fits for your company? Start the configurator or read more about smart pricing.

Learn more about
the Junea?

We’ll be happy to help you! Please leave your contact details and we’ll get in touch soon. 
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