Smart pricing

The Junea doesn’t have to cost your organization anything. In fact: you can generate extra revenue by managing your own product prices.

Unique and flexible pricing model

You can rent the Junea for €49,95 a month. Your company will pay for the rental or purchasing costs of the Junea. The users will pay for its products.

Thanks to our ‘smart pricing’ model, every organization can decide to recover these monthly costs by applying an extra margin on the average product price. 

Would you like to know more about the rental and purchasing prices, food & drink selections or the smart pricing model? Then check out our digital pricing list! 

User-friendly customer portal

Your company rents or buys the Junea. From thereon, is completely up to you what price your employees and guests pay for a certain product, what your extra margins are and therefore what your organization will potentially earn (or pay).

In the customer portal, the organization can easily manage the product prices (and extra margins). We call this ‘smart pricing’. There is a settlement at the end of each month, where you’ll receive your extra earnings.

Energize your company

With the Junea, you make a difference for your employees, visitors and clients. Because from now on, they have unlimited access to the best food and drinks to refuel their energy! 

Want to find out which Junea fits for your company? Start the configurator or directly apply for our price list.

Frequently asked questions

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